Big Data without Big Cost or Big Complexity

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The free edition requires an email address with a company domain that can be validated.

 The free edition of JustOneDB is available on the following platforms: 

Ubuntu 12.04 / 14.04  (64 Bit)

CentOS / Redhat 6 (64 Bit)

What can you do with the Free Edition ?

UK National Health Data

What makes JustOneDB Unique?

JustOneDB is a unique database that combines the best qualities of other databases into a single relational database solution.

Fast Data Loading - like Hadoop

Fast Selective Queries - like a row based database

Fast Analytical Queries - like a column based database

Simple, Affordable and Agile - like no-one else

Why use the Free Edition of JustOneDB?

The Free Edition allows you to quickly load and analyze up to one billion rows of data without design, complexity or huge amounts of hardware.

Query Performance

JustOneDB delivers fast support for the full spectrum of queries without any pre-design, partitioning, indexing or investment in massive hardware infrastructure.

JustOneDB meets all of the following query demands within the same database.

Forensic - as supported by an indexed row store

Interactive/Dashboard - as supported by a column store

Reporting - as supported by a column store

Analytical - as supported by an analytical platform/Hadoop

Scaling Performance

JustOneDB is an analytical database that can both scale-up and scale-out (Premium Edition only). Unlike other technologies JustOneDB does not require huge amounts of memory or mountains of fast disks to perform well.

Key Features and Benefits

PostgreSQL Compatible
Looks and feels just like PostgreSQL with full SQL support

Ridiculously Easy
Insert data at network speed and run queries without design.
No tuning or re-design as things get bigger.

Simple Scalability
Simple scalability as your volumes grow without requiring a huge hardware investment.


The free version has no associated SLA.

However if you do encounter any problems or issues, we would still like to hear from you. Contact details can be found within your JustOneDB account.

How long does my free license last?

The free license needs to be renewed every six months as we plan to regularly include new features and performance enhancements and we want to ensure you are always running with a recent version. As part of the renewal process we may ask that the version you are using be upgraded.

JustOneDB Free Edition – Product Limitations

The free licence edition of the software is available for use on Linux platforms running either Ubuntu or CentOS.

You can also run the Free Edition of JustOneDB on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Note that no other cloud platforms or providers are supported at this time.

The Free Edition of our product does have certain feature limitations compared to the Premium Edition, most notably:

  • Single Node only
  • Billion row size limit overall
  • File based data acquisition via our loader product
  • Immutable data – updates and deletes are not permitted in the free edition

Recommended Minimum Hardware Specification for Free Edition

We recommend the following minimum hardware specification:

  • Quad core machine running at 2.3GHz or above
  • 4GB of memory per core

Summary Product Comparison Table

 Free EditionPremium Edition
Data LimitOne billion rowsUnlimited

(Single server)
Scale-up and scale-out

(Multiple servers)
Data AcquisitionFile based data loadingODBC/JDBC/Rest
File loading
Removal of unwanted dataTruncate onlyTruncate
Purge (time based removal)
Update and Delete operationsNoYes
Maximum Loading RateLimited to 1 million records/secondUnlimited
Loading Performance ScalingLocal cores onlyMultiple servers
Query Performance ScalingLocal cores onlyMultiple servers
User Concurrency5 UsersUnlimited
Use of Temporary TablesNoYes
Additional Products SuppliedJustOneDB - LoaderJustOneDB -Loader
JustOneDB -File Manager
JustOneDB- Management Console
JustOneDB- Lexigrams
JustOneDB- Materialized Views
JustOneDB- JoPool
SupportNo SLAIncluded
License CostFreePlease contact us for pricing.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions and Software Licence Agreement.


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The free version requires an email address with a company domain that can be validated.